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Brikla is a supply chain management company with over 26 years of knowledge and experience across the entire value chain. We help companies create sustainable supply chain models that support business growth.

Our mission is to ensure that your supply chain is strong and sustainable, and that it runs efficiently and effectively against an ever-changing business environment. We ensure your company can adapt to any future challenge.

Our co-founders, Kaven Naicker and Brigitta Gombas, have worked in large multi-national corporations across Africa, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. Their exposure to cutting-edge processes, in-depth supply chain knowledge and the localised laws of each market has given them the tools to optimise logistics across borders and boost your entire supply chain capability.

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We create the best fit with all internal and external stakeholders, partners and your customer.

We have personally experienced the differences in cultural practices across several geographies, and understand how to create a smooth and efficient supply chain environment for every stakeholder – no matter their background and way of doing business.

We have successfully run multiple projects across the value chain, including manufacturing, assembly line setup, 3PL and 4PL setups and transitions to shared service centres.

Many of our projects have saved companies millions of dollars on their bottom line.

Building supply chains in Africa

Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

How We Work

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We always start with an independent look into your operations. We assess the organisational culture and all stakeholders, from sales to operations to customers. We seek first to understand the status quo and present challenges. We then set out on a mutual journey of success, ensuring that your business gains meaningful returns from your supply chain. We aim to develop your supply chain to be resilient against the ongoing changes in business and sustainable over the long term.

Our team and global partner network across Africa, Europe and Asia allows us to be your company’s “person on the ground”. We take care of your entire supply chain needs, both now and into the future. We’re based in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a regional satellite office in Durban.

We also have presence in both Cape Town, South Africa and Erd, Hungary in the EU.

We work with a value-based pricing model to ensure long term sustainability of your business first. Initial consultation sessions are free of charge, with a view to developing a vested partnership and a long-term, trusted relationship.

Brikla is driven by sustainable supply chains that focus on performance and efficiency. We create long-lasting solutions that grow the bottom line of your company.

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We have personally experienced the differences in cultural practices across different geographies to understand the differences and how to reposition and rebalance these differences to ensure a smooth journey amongst all stakeholders!

We have successfully run multiple projects across the Value Chain from manufacturing, assembly line setup, 3PL, 4PL setups, transitions to Shared service centres. Some of our projects implemented have saved companies Millions of dollars to the bottom line!

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Brikla comes into companies with an independent look into your operations, we assess the organisational culture, all stakeholders from sales, operations to customers. We seek to first understand the status quo. The present challenges and processes are analysed with a view to support a resilient and sustainable Supply Chain. We then look to engage in a mutual journey of success ensuring that your business can gain meaningful returns from your Supply Chain. A supply Chain that is resilient against the ongoing changes in business and is sustainable over the long term.

Brikla’s team and partner networks allows us to be your company’s ‘Man on the Ground’. We take care of your entire Supply Chain Needs into the Future! Brikla’s offices are based in South Africa,  Johannesburg, a Regional satellite offices in Durban. A soon to be established satellite office in Cape Town and European Satellite office in Hungary, Erd.

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Brikla works with a value-based pricing model to ensure long term sustainability of your business first! We will initially ensure short consultations sessions free of charge to assess your needs. Then hopefully ensure a vested partnership can be created with a long- term view!

Brikla is Driven by Sustainable, performance driven Supply Chains. Supply Chains that grows the bottom line results of a Company!

BEE Level 1

Brikla is proud to be a certified BEE level 1 company. We’re dedicated to helping other proudly South African companies, causes and communities in any way we can. BEE level 1 certification is also beneficial to our clients and partnerships. Our aim is to grow our country and its people, and this reflects in our certification.

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Building Supply Chains in Africa!

CLM Member

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As a member of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM), Brikla draws on the expertise of thousands of other members worldwide to accurately assess contract and supply chain risks. This allows us to provide carefully considered, world-class supply chain solutions.

Global Sustainable Procurement

Supply chain management sustainability is at the forefront of our business. Our co-founder, Kaven Naicker, focuses on environmental, social and economical factors in not just logistics and supply chain management, but all areas of life. By putting sustainability first, we ensure stronger networks, lower costs and a better future for all.

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Our mission has always been to establish strong, sustainable supply chain networks. We form long-term relationships with clients and partners to guarantee trust and transparency throughout every value chain in our portfolio. By staying up to date with technological advancements, we can evolve with our clients’ requirements to stay ahead of the curve.


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People | Potential | Growth | Sustainability

Strong supply chains cannot exist without a complex network of people working together. Recognising the potential in our communities and nurturing their growth is critical to creating better business. Through trusted collaboration and sustainable logistics solutions, we can drive positive change in the world. Brikla’s values reflect our co-founders’ focus on sustainability and longlasting partnerships.

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