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About Our Company

We are a supply chain management company with over 26 years of experience across the entire value chain. We help companies create sustainable supply chain models that support business growth.

About Us
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Our Services

We provide comprehensive logistics and supply chain management services to businesses of all sizes. We’re experts at building sustainable solutions supported by long-term, trusted relationships.

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Read the latest news and views from the supply chain world and learn more about Brikla.

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Our Sustainable Innovative Supply Chain Solutions Process

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Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

What We Do

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Setup and Maintenance

We offer logistics and supply chain management setup and support services to existing operations that need to be built up in a regional area or are in the process of growing.
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Supply Chain Consulting

We check, assess and advise on your entire supply chain, from supplier management to customer satisfaction.
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Supply chain FinTech and finance solutions

We offer both technical and financial solutions that perfectly complement your existing operations.
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Training and Development

We offer professional training of your entire supply chain team, along with ongoing mentorship and coaching.



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Phone: +27 83 777 8192

Email: info@brikla.com

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