How Brikla builds stronger supply chain networks

Creating a supply chain network that can stand up to today’s global challenges isn’t easy. This is particularly true when working across borders. Here’s how Brikla builds stronger, more sustainable supply chain networks:

By combining the best of two continents

Our co-founders have specialised knowledge of both the African and European supply chain landscape, allowing Brikla to create a bridge between two continents and use the best resources, people and technology from both. This comparative advantage model creates strong supply chain networks by harnessing the strengths of both markets, fostering opportunity and growth using cutting-edge technology.

By creating reliable connections

Our history in the supply chain network business has equipped us with a reliable network of partners and resources. We only work with trusted individuals to set up stable connections across continents. We nurture our relationships, which results in long-lasting collaborations.

By using efficient technology

Our supply chain solutions use technology to manage, build and grow complex international networks. Algorithms can be deployed to track schedules and ensure companies can procure goods to meet local demands on time, every time.

By focusing on sustainability

We believe in building a better tomorrow. That’s why everything we do puts sustainability first. Focusing on the economic, environmental and societal factors of supply chain management creates sustainable solutions and resilient systems


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