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Values are more than just words, and a better future is only possible through continuous commitment to our communities and environments. We’re always looking for opportunities to take part in on-the-ground community outreach, environmental initiatives and other areas in need.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our business. We place great emphasis on future-focused logistics and supply chain management solutions that reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. Our commitment to transparency allows us to constantly reflect on our processes to cut down on wasteful resource usage.

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Brikla gives back to the community

During the South African COVID-19 lockdown, local restrictions prevented many services and functions within our country from operating.

Informal settlements were probably the hardest hit, already being subject to harsh and unfavourable living conditions. Many services stopped operating completely, resulting in lack of food supply and complete loss of income for many living in these “squatter camps”.

Unfortunately, South Africa already had a huge unemployment figure of around 30% and a large percentage of the population live below the poverty line. Communities like this form the backbone of the economy, comprising local taxi operators, bus drivers, “fruit and veg hawkers”, gardeners, domestic services and more. Many of these people were prevented from working during the earlier stages of the lockdown.

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They lost all income and, with public transport not operating, could not even get to the shops. A R350 monthly relief grant was implemented for those affected and without work, but this has been plagued by delivery issues from the start.

Brikla co-founder Kaven Naicker knew that he needed to do something to help the community. Kaven is the grandson of political activist George Naicker, who was a Robben Island detainee for 14 years, along with other stalwarts of the democratic struggle in South Africa. His family has a long history of imposed restrictions, spending many years exiled in Zambia with limited movement and communication with family and friends.

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Kaven said, “It was during my upbringing that I came to know very well the feelings these types of restrictions and lockdowns can evoke. I know personally what it felt like for the exiled stalwarts I visited many times as a child. I later grew up amongst the poorer areas of Durban, South Africa.

I attended government schooling in the local community, and many colleagues of mine come from this area. In those days I would walk alongside the sewer pipers of Durban, from Umhlanga Road to my friends in Inanda, a township in Durban that had no proper water or sewerage system and a lack of access to schooling. I played soccer in the streets of “Stop 8”. Life was simple and easy going back then. Even after I finished schooling, I regularly went back to the township ‘shebeens’ to drink with colleagues.”

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From these personal experiences and an understanding of confinements and restrictions, Kaven recognised a dire need to help, particularly during this food-poor period of lockdown. Spurred by personal values of sustainability and strong, long-lasting connections, Brikla’s co-founders began to support the community with food, and anything else they saw the need for, while still following the rules of the strict COVID-19 lockdown.

During the lockdown period, they went out as often as they could to give back to communities much like the one Kaven grew up in. Kaven said, “I believe that we are only as strong as a team together and we need to make sure that we all grow strong together. Never leave a man hungry when you can help to uplift him!”

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Brikla’s values are reflected in the personal principles of its co-founders. Kaven’s upbringing inspired his focus on sustainability first, putting socio-economic and environmental factors at the forefront of his ventures.

It’s through these values that he’s managed to build trusted relationships and create stronger networks – in all areas of life.

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